Review the list of allergens in Barrio Taco’s menu items. Please ask the staff member taking your order if you have questions.

Tacos: Pepper
Quesabirria: Dairy
Pescado al Pastor: Seafood

Empanadas: Gluten, Seafood Cross-Contamination, Pepper
Camarones: Shellfish

Tamales: Pepper
Camarones: Shellfish

Tostadas: Seafood Cross-Contamination, Pepper
House-Smoked Adobo Salmon: Dairy
Frijoles: Dairy


Pozole Rojo: Pepper
Frijoles: Dairy (cheese)
Queso Flameado con Chorizo: Dairy, Seafood Cross-Contamination
Fried Plantains: Seafood Cross-Contamination, Dairy


Churros: Gluten, Seafood Cross-Contamination (oil)
Horchata: Dairy, Cinnamon, Coconut